Road RAGE damages immaculate HSV LSA Maloo

This is/was the most immaculate HSV Maloo LSA Ute you’d ever come across...
The poor girl had never even been washed or driven in the rain before, let alone been repaired in any way. Peter’s beloved ute felt the wrath of some fool’s boot across three separate panels one unfortunate day and he was desperate to have the damage repaired to the highest of standards without any compromising panel beating, filling or respraying.

After a short visit to our Norwood workshop, she was carefully restored to her original glory using Paintless Dent Removal leaving no trace of the damage at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional crash repairs, even avoiding an insurance claim.
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With dent repairs, you get what you pay for

Don't be driven by cost; be driven by quality. Bad repairs/repairers can cost you much more in the long run. The most important part of the dent repair process is the initial lifting of it. Once it has been lifted incorrectly and fiddled with, all sorts of things can go wrong with the panel and the paint. Bad PDR is notoriously hard to undo and repair correctly. Many secondary issues arise from bad PDR that impact panel and paint integrity, trim linings and parts, the vehicle’s internals behind the panels such as electronics, lights, sound and water proofing. This is especially the case in newer or prestige cars.


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