Bumper Bar & Small Paint Resprays  Scrapes, Scratches and Mag Repairs

  • Does your car bumper bar have a scrape, scratch or chip with damaged paintwork?
  • Are your mags gouged or gutter-rashed?
  • Do you have scratches around your car needing paint touch-up?
  • Maybe you're thinking it is not worth fixing because it is too expensive or the excess on your insurance will be too high?

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Well there is an easy solution; a Smart Repair solution. At Dent Revolution, not only are we paintless dent repair specialists, we also fix scratched, chipped and dented car bumper bars and painted panels with minimal fuss and downtime. In many cases, the cost of bumper bar repairs is less than you might think so claiming on insurance isn't always necessary which may save your premium going up as well. And this can all be done at our place or at yours!

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At our Vehicle Cosmetic Repair Centre in Norwood, Adelaide, we specialise in fixing up all those small dings, scratches and bumps that happen to our cars when we are just out and about doing our normal daily things.

With more cars on the road (17 million vehicles now registered in Australia), space in car parks reducing in size (have you noticed this?) and people in a bit more of a hurry than they used to be (we juggle more than we used to), our cars need more loving than ever before!

Dent Revolution’s Vehicle Repair Centre is set up to fix all those small things that happen to our cars, including bumper bar repairs with a quick turnaround. We are leaders in Paintless Dent Repair, which is the skilled art of removing dents without any damage to your paintwork or panels, but we also provide a whole range of other services that will bring your car back to looking great again. We can even arrange repairs to be done at your home or workplace via our on-road mobile service.

Smart Repairs, Ceramic Pro paint protection, car detailing and more

Here are some of the many services we provide to make your vehicle look great again:

  • Smart Repairs: Small paint repairs to bumpers, panels, mags, side mirrors, etc
  • Cut and polishing / paint corrections
  • Permanent ceramic paint protection, using Ceramic Pro - state of the art nano-technology by Nano Shine
  • Car wash and wax plus vacuum
  • Mag and bumper bar repairs
  • Interior and exterior detailing
  • Window tinting
  • And of course, Paintless Dent Removal

If your car bumper bars, panels or mags need some work, take pictures from your phone and send them below or call us to discuss how costs and turnaround times. It might surprise you to know you can get it fixed at a lower cost and in less time than you might be thinking, saving you on insurance excess and premiums going up.

Call us on 1800 NO DENT or message us below with pictures of your bumper bar dents and scratches. Or you are welcome to drop into our workshop at 118 Magill Road Norwood, in Adelaide. We look forward to saying g’day!


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