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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you repair?

We repair all vehicles including classic and prestige cars for hail damage, door dings, minor creases, large dents and bodyline damage to vehicles. We also repair motorcycle tanks and fenders. We also perform small scale paint repairs, called Smart Repairs, to bumpers, mag, side mirrors, scratches, chips, etc. 

What can't you repair?

Beyond our paintless dent repairs and small scale paint repairs, we do not perform crash repairs or large scale paint respraying to panels such as bonnets, roofs and beyond. If we are not able to repair your vehicle we will refer you to one of our trusted network of collision damage specialists, who will gladly look after you. 

How much will a dent repair cost?

We need to assess the dents first before providing a conclusive cost, however as a guide smaller dents range from $100 to $220 and up to $350 for larger dents and creases. Multiple dents will make the overall cost per dent lower. Hail damage repairs can vary significantly and will need to be quoted for a repair cost. We will give you a free no obligation quote and provide to you or send your claim and quote to your insurance company where applicable.

How long do the repairs take?

A small dent can be fixed in a matter of minutes, large dents or creases can take hours. Ask us for an estimate if you like, as we generally know how much time you should allow.

Is it cheaper to repair multiple dents?

Yes. The initial dent repair cost is the highest, but successive repairs taper off in cost as the dents increases. Additional cars attract an even greater discount if repaired in the one visit, particularly for fleet and group visits. Ask us about a dent repair discount session. 

Will the dent reappear?

A properly repaired dent will never reappear. This is our guarantee. Be sure to check that a dent is repaired to your satisfaction before paying any repairer. If a dent does reappear, you should return to the repairer and have it rectified.

What if I have paint damage?

We can still generally repair a dent with a paint split, chip or crack, although it does take a little more work. Disturbances in the paint finish can distort the reflection we use from our specialized PDR lights, but years of training allows us to work through the situation. We often work with panel beaters and painters to push or pull dents out before they perform their own repairs and painting. 

What is a “push to paint?”

A push-to-paint is a repair that virtually eliminates the dent from a panel in preparation for repainting by a qualified painter. This avoids the need for panel beating, body fillers or panel replacement and keeps the repair cleaner and quicker.

What is a "push to repair"?

A push-to-repair is a method where some or all of the dents in a panel are repaired to the best possible standard to save it from replacement. However conventional repairs are still required prior to it being resprayed. 

What should I do to prepare my car for a quote or repairs?

Please have your car clean and washed where possible. We prefer that your car be unwaxed if possible.

Do we paint or respray panels or bumper bars?

Yes we do, but not on a large, conventional scale like a crash repairer. We specialise in small paint repairs and resprays, called Smart Repairs, to areas such as bumper bars, cant/roof rails, mags, side mirror caps, etc where minor damage has been sustained. Typically all such repairs can be performed in one visit if time allows. Click here for a list of our Smart Repair services. For any larger scale repairs and resprays, we will sub-let these jobs or redirect car owners to our trusted network of high quality repairers for smash repairs, panel beating and paint services.

Do you offer a loan car?

Yes we currently offer a single loan car subject to availability in Adelaide. Please enquire to discuss booking the loan car as its availability may be minimal, particularly during large scale hail storm events.

Who do I pay my excess to?

Depending on your insurance company, you may be asked to pay them directly prior to your repairs or you will pay us when you come to collect your vehicle after repairs have been completed. The only exception being if you have a nil excess policy. If you have multiple repairers working on your vehicle you would only pay one excess.

Do I have to make an insurance claim?

No.  It would depend on the repair quote given to you as to whether it would be better for you to make a claim with your insurance company, or do the work and pay for it yourself. This may come down to your excess.  

Hail, however, is different.  It is definitely worth making a claim and having your vehicle restored to its original look. Please be aware that some insurance companies will not allow you to have comprehensive insurance if you have damage over $500.  You will need to contact your insurer for advice.

What if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have insurance we can give you a free no obligation quote for repairs and you can decide whether you want to have your vehicle repaired.


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