Skilled Technicians

Preferred Prestige Specialists in Paintless Dent & Hail Repair

Maintain Your Classic Car Resale Value

Preservation of the original paint finish is at the top of mind of all new, prestige and classic car owners. Paintless Dent Repair means you keep the existing paint and panel intact, so the panel remains, and the colour stays the same.

Peace of Mind

Preferred by insurance companies, prestige dealerships and owners of classic and distinctive vehicles, Dent Revolution's master technicians work on many jobs that are too hard for other dent repair businesses. Have peace of mind when handing your car over for delicate repairs involving panel work, trim removal and reinstallation, rust proofing, cleanliness and maintaining the vehicle’s paint and paint protection.

Save Time

You don’t need to have your car off the road for too long. Visit us and we will assess the work and either fix it on the spot or over the next couple of days depending on the extent of the dents.

Save Money

Compared to traditional crash repairs, Paintless Dent Repair is less expensive. We have the tools and skills to fix dents from the inside out of the panel, so we do not replace panels. This means less out of pocket expenses for you.


Put Your Vehicle in the Hands of Skilled Technicians

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