Where Are YOU located? We Can Come To You With Our Mobile Dent Repair

Do you get into your car every morning, look at that dent on the car door and say “gotta fix that”, only to quickly place that problem in the too-hard basket for yet another day? Too many other things to do first! One year later, and your too-hard basket still has that car dent in it.

Sounds familiar? Don't leave those car dents there a day longer because you don’t even have to worry about taking your vehicle anywhere - we will come to you!

We have several mobile dent repair vehicles on the road

We will travel to wherever you are in Adelaide with our mobile dent repair units and have the dent fixed quickly and cost effectively. Our mobile vehicles are equipped with our state-of-the-art Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) tools and of course our skilled technicians. They go hand-in-hand.

When you call us to book a mobile vehicle, we will do our best to price it as accurately as possible and request you send us a photo. In the majority of cases, we will fix one or multiple dents while we are at your place. In some cases, if there is more damage than is obvious in the photo, which we might uncover when we get inside and behind the dent, we may need your vehicle to come to our workshop, but we’ll let you know straightaway. In most cases however we fix dents there and then.

Paintless Dent Repair is a better and more cost effective way to fix a car dent than crash repairs

PDR fixes the dent from the inside out by using a light to identify the surface area of the dent, which allows us to determine how and where we start to pull the dent from the inside to the outside. This requires a refined eye and a delicate touch which can only come from many years of experience. It means that the integrity of your paintwork is kept intact and it is a fraction of the cost of a crash repairer, who will remove panels and replace or re-spray them.

Dent repair is not as expensive as you might think

A smallish dent can start from $100, you will be surprised that using PDR to fix car dents is not as expensive as you might think. Once you add to this the cost of potentially replacing panels and reducing the resale of your vehicle, the long term savings of Paintless Dent Repair is a no brainer.

And it’s not just car dents we fix

As well as cars, we fix motorbike fenders and fuel tanks, trucks and vans. We also specialise in prestige and classic cars that require a great amount of focus and attention to detail.

Adelaide suburbs we service for dent repair

We travel up to 50 kms to all corners of Adelaide, North to South, East to West. From our vehicle repair centre in Norwood, our mobile fleet has travelled from North Haven to Port Noarlunga, from Modbury to Glenelg, to Unley and to the Adelaide Hills.

If you’re outside Adelaide, in regional areas of South Australia, just let us know because we often take regional trips especially to hard hit hail areas and spend a few weeks repairing all the local cars. Our dent repair mobile fleet often travels to other states of Australia to help with local hail damaged vehicles.  

Contact us today on 1800 NO DENT or email to arrange one of our mobile fleet to fix your dent at your place! You will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!


Put Your Vehicle in the Hands of Skilled Technicians

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