Bad Paintless Dent Removal Can Cost 10X More In The Long Run

Beware. The. Pretenders. You get what you pay for.

Maybe you're dollar driven and trying to save a few pennies for a once off repair to your car. But just like crash repairers and mechanics, saving a small amount of money often costs people a great deal more in the long run. And you really only get once chance at getting it right the first time. You see, not all dent repair technicians and companies are made equal, from the local ones around town, to the interstate hail chasers. In fact, there are astonishingly different levels of quality and service when it comes to paintless dent repairs. Sub-par dent repairs and the potential damage that can be done and often is done to metal integrity, paint finish, the internals of panels or the trim & accessories of a car can cost you significantly more. Judge a book by its cover, or a technician by his presentation, knowledge, experience, case studies, workshop, etc. Ask them what regular crash repairers and higher quality of dealerships they regularly attend for dent repairs. Do not be fooled by online reviews or accreditation alone. Many "backyard" quality technicians and copycat companies easily slap websites up and buy 5 star reviews all in the name of modern skullduggery.

We won’t say it is the worst thing that can happen to your vehicle, but we will say it is an unnecessarily damaging and expensive thing to happen to your vehicle. Repairing botched Paintless Dent Repair jobs costs a fortune in the long run, with an unhappy resolution as the car is never quite right again. It happens more often than it should. We see many situations where a $300 repair turns into $3000 and much more in some cases. Even worse, when whole vehicles have to be resprayed or written off after ordinary dent repairers attempt large scale hail repairs, through insurance or not.

So take care in choosing your dent repair business to protect your car and maintain it’s structural and paintwork integrity, and to contain your costs. Because it is really difficult to fix botched dent jobs.

The most important part of determining the result and cost of dent repair, is the initial assessment process

Although Dent Revolution tackles the most difficult dents, creases and hail damage to cars, there is a line at which we stop. Professional dent repair businesses will tell you if they cannot fix a dent and will refer you to a crash repair if it goes past a certain point, saving you unnecessary costs and long term damage.

Make sure you take your car to professional, skilled and reputable Paintless Dent Repair businesses like us, our prices are competitive even though we have highly skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment.

If you love your car, do a little research on the PDR company you choose

Don’t be swayed only by pretty pictures on websites and paid promotions, have a good look at the dent repair business and ask questions. Here are some tips:

  • Read reviews online and get a sense of their work ethic
  • Look at the insurance companies they are associated with
  • Do they have PDR case studies on their website? If so, have a look at the complexity of the work they do and the result of the repair work
  • In PDR it’s about quality not quantity – even if they have been in business for a long time (as we have), it is about the level of skill and attention to detail. PDR is a very refined process needing a refined hand and eye to get a great result
  • Have a chat with the dent repair business and pop into their workshop with your vehicle so that you can discuss the damage person to person

A little bit of research will go a long way to saving you the unnecessary costs of fixing a bad paintless dent removal job.

In dent repair, you get what you pay for

The most important part of the dent repair process is the initial lifting of it. Once it has been lifted incorrectly and fiddled with, all sorts of things can go wrong with the panel and the paint. Bad PDR is notoriously hard to undo and repair correctly. Many secondary issues arise from bad PDR that impact panel and paint integrity, trim linings and parts, the vehicle’s internals behind the panels such as electronics, lights, sound and water proofing. This is especially the case in newer or prestige cars.

The worst case scenario

Bad PDR can have a devastating effect when multiplied across the whole car that has numerous dents or hail damage. We’ve seen entire cars ruined by horrible or average repairs that have required full body resprays or worse, cars that have been left with the damage as the owner could not afford the respray and wasn’t covered by insurance.

When choosing a business to repair your dent, consider the initial small cost saving you may make in using an average paintless dent repairer, compared to the potential damage done to your vehicle, the huge cost of fixing it, the loss of resale value and not to mention the emotional toll.

Call Dent Revolution on 1800 NO DENT for dent and hail repairs to your vehicle. We have been in business a long time, we have refined our skills to a high level, we have excellent customer satisfaction and we will tell you up front whether we can fix your dent and if we can’t, we will refer you to a reputable crash repair shop. In the long run, this will result in a cost effective repair to your dents and hail damage.


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