Paintless Dent Repair Cost. Not as Expensive as You Might Think!

It is a misconception that Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) costs more than traditional body shop techniques. In fact, we are pleased to be the bearer of good news, PDR will save you both time and money in the long run compared to traditional crash repair methods of removing car dents.

Short and long term savings using PDR for dent repair

Smaller car dents can cost between $88 to $198 and can often be done on the spot whilst you catch up on some work or just relax in our waiting room. Larger dents or creases might cost up to $350. The cost of dent repair using our specialised tools is much less than traditional car body repairs because we focus only on the dent itself.

PDR is a technique that very gently massages the dent from the inside out until it is no longer detectable, using highly specialised tools, without impacting any other part of the car. Traditional crash repairs may remove car doors and replace them, or they may use fillers for dents requiring time for setting, painting and polishing. 

Protect the integrity of your vehicle’s paintwork and maintain resale with PDR

As well as paying less for dent repair using PDR, the major benefit of having your dents repaired by a PDR specialist is the result.

PDR protects your paintwork and eliminates the risk of further damage which often occurs with traditional body shop methods that fill and polish the dent from the outside. This destroys the integrity of the original paintwork and therefore reduces the resale value of your car.

Do you have more than one dent? It is cost effective to have multiple dents done at the same time, give us a call and we can provide a quote.

Have a look above at our slide show for some great examples of our dent repair work and the costs. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Please see the slide show above for dent repair cost examples.

Call Dent Revolution on 1800 NO DENT for your dent repairs in Adelaide. We are the leading PDR business locally with over 40 years combined experience and skills handed down from generation to generation. We will look after your vehicle as if it were our own.


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