Nursing a Hail Battered Mercedes S500 Back to Beautiful - Repairing Hail Damage on Prestige Cars

When this virtually brand new, late model Mercedes S500 came in with extensive hail damage, we were gobsmacked to say the least. A stunning, prestige $400K car with heavy dents from front to back. But it was a challenge that we were prepared to take on.

The client had considered conventional methods of repair - replacing panels and respraying, but this meant the car would then be far from original. Being black made the situation even more tricky because black panels are far more unforgiving than other colours.

This video shows the full extent of the hail damage prior to the repair process taking place:

Paintless Dent Removal is the least invasive way to repair hail damaged prestige cars

This Mercedes came to us via Melbourne, where their late 2017 hailstorm saw ice stones the size of golf balls. The video and photos in this blog show the typical extent of the Melbourne hail damage affecting thousands of vehicles.

Our reputation at Dent Revolution for repairing hail damaged prestige and luxury cars back to perfection is widespread, so we often get prestige car dent repairs such as these for both normal car park dents and for hail repair.

Technology innovation in dent repair has made it possible to bring nasty panel damage back to factory condition. Once upon a time the panels would have been replaced, or fixed with traditional panel beating techniques – compromising the original integrity and paintwork of the car and costing far more.

Now, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) techniques have evolved to being able to tackle the most difficult and challenging of dents, keeping paintwork intact. By using special lights and tools, we properly assess, then access and then repair the dent as required. It is this part of the job that ultimately makes the difference between a good and bad dent repair job. Understanding the nature of each dent and its cause intimately means we know how to release the tension and gently work it back outward.

This video shows the vehicle's bonnet removed and half way through the PDR process:


We are prestige car specialists, especially for hail damage

Our skilled technicians then apply years of experience, a practised eye and refined touch, to gently pull that dent from the inside out. Our commitment was to restore the panels of this hail-damaged prestige car back to factory condition. We achieved this, and even better, it was at a third of the cost of traditional panel beating techniques.

You choose who does your hail repair

You always have the choice of repairer for your vehicle. We specialise in paintless dent removal for prestige and classic cars and we frequently tackle jobs from insurance companies and private vehicle owners for particularly tricky jobs such as these. We love the challenging jobs, it gives us an opportunity to refine our techniques even more.

Leave your hail-damaged prestige or classic car in the hands of skilled technicians, we will nurse it back to beauty with the attention and care that we are known for. Call us on 1800 NO DENT or email us some photos.

After photos/videos will be added soon.




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