Mobile Paintless Dent Removal Service

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Are you a car dealer, crash repairer or fleet manager looking for onsite and affordable dent removal? Are you currently standing in the garage looking at that small annoying dent in your car wondering what is the best way to get rid of it and how much it will cost?

Look no further! We have four fully equipped mobile service vehicles ready to go onsite at short notice. If you are a crash repair workshop, manage a fleet of vehicles or just want your dent fixed at home, call us to book a time and we can probably come out to see you on the same day or soon after.

Flexible and Responsive Onsite Service

Having four PDR mobile vehicles means we provide prompt, often same day service. So if you’re working on a car in your workshop and need fast, responsive dent repair services by an RAA Approved Repairer, give us a call and we will arrange a time to send out one of our master technicians fully equipped with their PDR tools. 

State-of-the-Art Paintless Dent Removal Equipment

When it comes to dent and hail damage repair, we are master technicians with state-of-the-art PDR equipment. That is why so many prestige and classic car dealers prefer to use us. However that does not come with a high price tag for our customers. We are also affordable and you can get a dent fixed at probably less than you may expect.

Our state of the art technology does not stop at tools. Behind the scenes we have sophisticated job management systems to track and book our work and we can take payment of our jobs on the spot at your premises, providing a complete service to you.

Why choose us? Dent Revolution has over 40 years combined experience in fixing dents and our skills have been handed down with great care in the family business. We are large enough to have 4 PDR Mobile Units ready to leave our workshop for onsite repair, but also small enough to provide an affordable service to our many clients.


Call us today on 1800 NO DENT to discuss your dents and we can book in a time to visit you onsite. For major dent and hail repair damage, drop into our PDR and Cosmetic Repair Centre in Norwood.


Put Your Vehicle in the Hands of Skilled Technicians

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