Mercedes AMG C43 Door Dent Fix

Prestige vehicles need a prestige repairer

This sexy black Mercedes AMG C43 recently drove in to Dent Revolution at Norwood for a clinical paintless dent repair to the driver's car door. These sort of door dents are typical of car park damage that we see and fix everyday, sustained from the careless actions of other vehicle owners or trolley pushers. The good thing is that they're easy to fix to a generally perfect standard either by visiting our workshop or requesting an onsite repair at work or home. The typical removal time is between 10 and 60 minutes and is priced between $110 and $220 depending on several factors.

When you have a vehicle of distinction you should use an equally reputable company and preferably an RAA Approved Repairer such as Dent Revolution to avoid any potential further complications stemming from any dent fix processes by the many ordinary operators out there. These issues can range from cracked or pulled paint during repairs, over stretching and oil canning of the steel in the affected area, damaged door internals and trim parts, polishing through of the paint when tidying up - the list goes on. Experience counts for everything so be sure to choose quality over cheaper prices.




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