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Moorabbin Hail Repair Centre in Melbourne is now taking bookings for quotes and repairs to all hail dent damaged vehicles. We specialise in prestige and complex vehicle repairs to the highest of standards. Don't wait months for your repairs. Demand the best quality body and paint repairs to your vehicle. Contact us today. All insurers and private customers accepted.



When a hailstorm hits we run for cover but sometimes not soon enough. In Victoria’s recent hailstorm on the 19th December which left over 24,000 homes without power, there were many thousands of hail damaged cars in need of some TLC.

This particular hailstorm swept through many suburbs in Melbourne and surrounding towns of Mildura, Shepparton and Wangaratta, producing some whopping great golf ball sized hail stones.

Repairing hail damaged cars requires an all hands on deck operation

When a town or city is hit with a hailstorm, thousands of cars are affected and everyone needs their car repaired and returned ASAP. In situations such as these, repairing a large amount of hail damaged cars to a high standard within a reasonable amount of time is no small feat.

It requires skilled planning and the right people with the right tools. That’s where our highly experienced and skilled team at Dent Revolution are always ready to respond – we are in our element when it comes to big hailstorms!

Dent Revolution’s Hail Response Team in regional Victoria

Our hail response team sets up temporary hail response repair centres in many towns across Victoria including Mildura, Broken Hill, Geelong, Ballarat and any other town that requires hail damage repair expertise. The team has a fully equipped workshop with Paintless Dent Repair state-of-the-art tools and gets busy repairing hail damaged cars from dusk to dawn. It is a massive operation but one we love doing.  

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a high standard of work under pressure such as this. We also collaborate with many other dent repair and crash repair businesses in these towns to help them get through the work.

Why would you choose Paintless Dent Repair over traditional crash repairers?

Hail damaged cars are best fixed with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) as opposed to traditional crash repair methods.

That’s because we focus only on the removing the dents whilst maintaining the original paint of the vehicle wherever possible. So the overall cost is less as we are not replacing door panels, filling up dents and trying to do new paintwork. You maintain the integrity of the paintwork as we work on the dent from the inside out, gently massaging until it is completely fixed without any damage to the paintwork. This is also better for resale saving you further dollars on your car.

If you live in Melbourne or regional Victoria, and are in need of dent repairs for your hail damaged cars, please give us a call on 1800 NO DENT and we will book you into our local hail response centre or at least let you know when we will be next in town to help.


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