SRT8 Repair and Protect

We recently saw the back of this grunty Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 after completing another perfect paintless dent removal of a nasty car park dent that the owner was unfortunate enough to discover upon returning to her vehicle.

The crease repair required some solid attention to restore the panel back to its original condition starting with a polish to remove paint transfer from the offending car door, delicate stitch-like repairing up and down the rear of the crease, tapping and blending to level the surrounding area finished with a block and polish to remove the remaining scratching to the clear coat. Total repair time 45 minutes. Typically a door ding or shopping trolley dent such as this can be fixed in under an hour as you wait or go for a local lunch.

Our resident detailer, Adam at Eye Candy Detailing, then performed a full body paint correction to remove all paint contamination and swirls, finishing with a Ceramic Pro paint protection to seal and protect the vehicle for years to come.

Another very satisfied customer. Visit us at 118 Magill Road, Norwood for the best paintless dent repair adelaide workshop.




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