How To Remove Dents Yourself

Fix dents, dings and hail damage the easy way

This is a question frequently searched online so we decided to write our own response to address most of the concerning answers that people receive.

Contrary to the numerous DIY articles, amateur advice and commercial products on offer, the easiest and best way to fix dents and hail damage to your vehicle is to actually just ring a professional! Do not attempt the dent removal yourself. This is the same as most advice that tradesman provide regarding specialised services. We cannot stress enough how important our advice is if you have a genuine desire to repair your vehicle's damage properly.

We've seen many, many poor attempts at self "fixed" dents and hail damage that are largely un-doable and often result in costly, conventional crash repairs that would have been unavoidable if done correctly from the beginning. This also applies to second rate dent repair technicians and companies that lack genuine experience with trickier dents or hail damage and who often do more damage and therefore costing you more. It's not always about paying the least amount of money as you often will get what you pay for.

Dents can be manipulated out perfectly if done correctly, avoiding any further irreversible stretching of the metal and leaving the paint in tact. Incorrect methods and tools can easily lead to the metal losing its proper integrity and becoming 'floppy' or exposing it to the elements through comprimising the paint which encourages rust and decay, resulting in panel replacement, beating, bogging, respraying, etc - a costly exercise.

So our advice is simple: if you value your vehicle, seek the advice of a leading dent professional. Save yourself time, money and pain. Give a reputable dent company a call or take your car to them for an opinion and a quote. Don't rely on cheap gimmicks or tricks only to half improve or half destroy a dented panel and its painted surface. A standard paintless dent removal cost is typically around $100 which is not much more than a nonsense eBay or Gumtree dent puller or pusher.

The best way to remove a dent yourself is to visit Dent Revolution in Norwood, phone us on 1800663368 to request a visit to your location via our mobile road service, or send pictures of your dents via our website Contact form. 

Dent Revolution has taken its expertise up North with the opening of our paintless dent removal business in Queensland. The same care, skill and expertise in dent repair is now available from our workshop in Brisbane. 


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