"How Did That Dent Get There?" - Pulling Dents Out of Cars

Mysterious car dents – they are the worst kind. It is frustrating enough to have a dent on the gorgeous smooth panel of your car, it is more frustrating when you don’t know how it got there.

You are not alone. Many of the car dents, van dents or motorcycle dents we pull out at Dent Revolution are from unknown causes. Thankfully however, using sophisticated dent pulling procedures – Paintless Dent Repair - we can have your dent pulled, fixed and buffed back to new within an hour! And it is not as expensive as you might think! Fixing dents costs from as little as $100.

So how do dents usually occur?

In order to ease your frustration, because that’s the kind of team we are… here are the most common reasons that a dent may have ended up on your nice, clean, well-loved vehicle:

  • The dreaded car park – the most common scene of the crime when it comes to car park dents – trying to find a car park that is safe from the adjacent car’s swinging doors doesn’t always work
  • The renegade shopping trolley – it doesn’t matter how safe you have parked, they always find a way to make contact with your vehicle
  • Your ten year old son threw open the door against your second car in the garage – and now there are two dents
  • The wind catches the door while you are opening it and bang!
  • Golf balls landing on your vehicle – a classic one, and more common than not.
  • Tree branches falling down – unpredictable but common.

Dent repair using Paintless Dent Removal techniques is a simple, inexpensive technique that keeps your vehicle looking well kept over the years. You should fix these things as they happen and not let them build up to avoid potential issues like rust spreading due to minute stresses in the paint. Taking care of them promptly also helps you to avoid dropping your standards.

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