Mending a Mustang

PDR used to fix nasty roof dents and creases

William recently contacted Dent Revolution regarding some nasty elbow dents and creases that he'd accidentally put into the roof of his new Ford GT Mustang. The car was stored in a shipping container during an overseas importation process that didn't allow any room to open the car doors. He had to climb in and out of the driver's door window when loading and unloading. His wayward elbows placed his body weight down into the turret skin resulting in several ugly shaped lows.

The dents didn't have any real sharpness to them though, which worked in William's favour. We can glue pull these sort of dents to vehicles from the outside of the panel with special glues, tabs and slide hammers. This saves the timely and costly task of dismantling the vehicle's interior roof lining to what otherwise be required to allow the traditional methods of using steel levers to perform paintless dent removals.

With the car in our possession for the day, we orchestrated a complete repair to the Mustang's roof panel which included a cut and polish to ensure the end result was to a 100% new car standard finish. This whole process avoided comprimising the original paint finish of the vehicle by way of conventional crash repair methods and not tampering with the often complex internal trim roof linings of modern cars. It saved William a great deal of time and money.

These are dent repairs that we do all day everyday for private owners of many different types of vehicles, dealerships, crash shops and insurance companies - both in-shop and via onsite visitation. Contact Dent Revolution anytime on 1800663368 or send us some pictures of your damage for a quote or booking when you may need PDR services.




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