Hail Damage Response Team Across South Australia’s Regional Towns

Holy moly, a hailstorm has hit! Even though there were weather warnings, I didn’t expect it when I took the car out for a few urgent groceries!

If you have ever been stuck in a hailstorm, hearing the loud cracking bangs the hail is making on your car roof and bonnet, you’ll know the frustration of wishing you hadn’t picked that moment to drive down to the supermarket!

However, do not despair as there are now effective techniques that will fix your hail damaged car dents back to factory condition that are not too hard on your wallet.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a specialised technique that works on dents from the inside out, keeping the integrity of your paintwork intact and restoring the existing car panels back to factory condition. It is a technique that we have been refining here at Dent Revolution for more than 40 years and it has been handed down from generation to generation.

We have a Vehicle Cosmetic Repair Centre in Adelaide and a Workshop in Brisbane which you can drop into, to assess your dents and hail damage. Our repair centre is a state-of-the-art dent repair facility with highly skilled technicians. We repair many cars from our repair centre but we also work with many local crash repairers in collaboration.

However, when it comes to regional South Australia, we also have a Mobile Hail Response Team that will pack up and set up a temporary PDR workshop in regional towns across South Australia right after a hailstorm.

Whyalla, Port Lincoln, Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge, Clare, Barossa Region and other towns in the Riverland

We have repaired cars throughout regional South Australia and will ship our hail response team to any town that needs dent repair from hail damage.

Even if the hail storms are lighter, if there are several cars that need dent repairs, we can bring our mobile hail response team to town. What normally happens after a hailstorm is that we will start getting calls from the local community and if there are several cars that need help, then we will put the word out that we are coming to town to set up a temporary PDR workshop for as long as we need to.

Working in collaboration with the local crash repairers

Often we work alongside the local crash repairers and automotive businesses in town who need help to get through the amount of cars that need to be repaired. We sometimes set up our workshops inside or close to the local businesses fixing hail damaged cars to make it easy for everyone involved.

We will also handle your insurance process and work with whichever insurance company you may be using, including smaller rural based insurance companies.

So if a hailstorm hits town, please call us on 1800 663 368 and let us know if there are a few hail damaged cars that need dent repair. We will bring our Mobile Hail Team to town and set up shop to give you a hand.


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