Frequently Asked Questions about Repairing Hail Damaged Cars

Who would you trust to repair several dents on your vehicle created by a hailstorm? This is no small project, dealing with severely hail damaged cars requires skill and patience.

When a hailstorm hits, we get hundreds of cars turn up for repairs. This requires all hands on deck, focus, planning and attention to detail no matter what, as any small mistake can lead to a dent looking worse than when it arrived. We cannot afford to make those kind of mistakes and you cannot afford to have permanent damage on your car.

There was a very large hailstorm in Adelaide and across Southern Australia in November 2016. We repaired thousands of hail damaged cars to a high standard. There have also been smaller storms in Whyalla and on the fringes of Adelaide and our mobile hail repair response team responded rapidly with excellent results. The locals were mighty grateful too!

Experts in Hail Damaged Cars using Paintless Dent Repair

Our exceptional track record of high quality work means we have been called in for corrective emergency repairs after a first attempt to fix the vehicle has been made.

After a hailstorm when the volume of cars needing repairs is so high, the industry can go into overdrive and overwhelm can happen. This is where experience and planning are vital to good outcomes. Many vehicles have required corrective action from crash repairers who may not have the skills and toolets to fix dents without damaging the paintwork. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) companies such as ourselves have often had to step in to fix dent work, mismatched paint, botched panels, broken or misaligned interior panels and more. We firmly believe in no-half measures and each car is repaired as if it were our own.

Some further questions about repairing hail damaged cars

Do we offer a loan car?

Typically we do not offer loan cars, however, we can organise one where required, assuming that your insurance policy doesn’t not already provide this option for you.

Who should I pay my excess to?

Depending on your insurance company, you may be asked to pay them directly prior to your repairs or you will pay us when you come to collect your vehicle after repairs have been completed. The only exception being if you have a nil excess policy. If you have multiple repairers working on your vehicle you would only pay one excess to the repairer you have been told to pay.

Do I have to make an insurance claim?

No. It would depend on the repair quote given to you as to whether it would be better for you to make a claim with your insurance company, understanding you will still need to pay your excess.  Otherwise, you can pay us directly for your repairs without going through your insurance. Hail, however, is different.  It is definitely worth you making a claim and having your vehicle restored to its original look.  If you choose not to make a claim or not repair your vehicle, please be aware that some insurance companies will not allow you to have comprehensive insurance if you have damage over $500.  You will need to contact your insurer for advice.

What if I don't have insurance?

If you don’t have insurance we can give you a free no obligation quote for repairs and you can decide when and whether you want to have your vehicle repaired.

What should I consider when buying hail damaged cars or repairable write-offs?

Buying a hail damaged car is something that should be done very carefully and with a lot of research. Anyone selling a damaged vehicle has a vested interest in underselling the severity and cost of repairs. Pictures can be used to help gauge the level of damage but they are often a poor guide as dents do not show up in photographs very well. Every dent is different and needs to assessed based on size, placement and access. If panels need to painted or replaced this can add significant time and costs to the repairs.

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