Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Dodgy Challenging Dent Fix.

Paintless dent removal wins again, saves a mammoth respray!

This absolute rare beast, a new Dodge Challenger Hellcat, visited Eye Candy Detailing and Dent Revolution recently for a number of rectifications and vehicle protections after making touchdown in Adelaide. This thing looks mad, sounds mad and is mad, sporting a 6.2 supercharged Hemi V8 capable of 0-100 km/h in around 3 and a half seconds!

It presented with a number of dents to both the right and left front guards from wayward knees and elbows after the vehicle underwent a custom conversion from left to right hand drive. Most concerningly though, a very sharp and nasty dent stuck out like a sore thumb on the right rear quarter panel, caused by the impact of another car door opening onto it.

I'm not going to lie... a dent like this, on a car like this... I was scared. Look at that dent! It ultimately proved to be one of the most challenging dents (all puns intended) I've removed and perfected in a long time; considering the gravity of the potential alternative. You see, if it didn't come out, it would have to be painted. Not just that panel but probably most of the car! That quarter panel is connected to the roof rail, which is connected to the roof, which is connected to the left rail, and the left quarter, etc. And for the colour to match on the right side precisely, the driver's door would also need to be blended in and cleared over. You get the idea. Big dollars.

After some internal trim was carefully removed, a great deal of heat was applied to the dented area and the process took its course. The result was a 100% removal of the dent in under one hour at a bee's deck of the cost when compared to the conventional alternative. The numerous other dents on the front guards were also pushed, pulled and blended out to restore the original factory shape that she oh so deserves.

Eye Candy Detailing then took charge for the main duties in performing their typically flawless paint correction and Nanoshine Ceramic Pro 9H paint protection and interior detail. Legends of the game.

These are typical repairs and rejuvinations that we do daily for private owners of many different types of vehicles, dealerships, crash shops and insurance companies - both in-shop and via onsite visitation. Contact Dent Revolution anytime on 1800663368 or send us some pictures of your vehicle for a quote or booking when you need similar services.




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