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The Ridley family have been refining their Paintless Dent Removal skills for more than 20 years since 1995 and are now repairing vehicle dents and fixing hail damaged cars in Queensland from their PDR workshop in Daisy Hill, Brisbane, and via an on-road mobile service for home or work visits.

Nick Ridley, the original founder of the family business, has a passion for his work and has passed both passion and skills of the trade to the second generation of Ridleys. All three sons, Tim, Dan and Ben, are now working in the dent removal business.

Dent Revolution’s Brisbane PDR workshop is in Daisy Hill with Ben Ridley running and managing the operation.

Passing on our high standards of PDR Skills

A desire to work in the Army took Ben up North to Queensland where he spent many years as a serviceman. Love arrived in its own due course and Ben met his future wife where they happily settled in Brisbane. He was always interested in the family business so he eventually left the army and is now part of the Dent Revolution team.

Ben has had the benefit of being trained by his Father and two older brothers who have very high standards when it comes to final results in finishing cars to 100% satisfaction. He’s been trained in both hail damage repairs and general car park dent repairs, which require two different styles of repair technique.

Nothing like a hailstorm to sort the wheat from the chaff

Hailstorms are an excellent way to get in boots and all and refine skills in Paintless Dent Removal. There are often hundreds of hail damaged cars to work on. It is consuming and requires great focus and patience and every car has to be returned to its owner with dents repaired to 100% client satisfaction.

In 2014, Ben assisted Mega Dent Australia (based in Melbourne) during the 2014 Brisbane hailstorm supporting the operation to complete all the required work.

In 2016, Adelaide had a large hailstorm and Ben was instrumental in helping our business deliver thousands of repaired vehicles to the highest of standards. We treat your cars like they are our own and we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction.  

Having a community spirit, Ben is also part of Everyman’s Service supporting the Australian Defense Force and their families to provide philanthropic support.

Dent Revolution in Brisbane is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at 15 Michael Lynagh Drive, Daisy Hill QLD 4127. Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 5:30 pm weekdays and 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Saturdays. To book in your car or if you have questions about dent repair, call us on 1800 663 368.


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