Car Dents From Renegade Shopping Trolleys – Aren’t They A Pain In the Derriere (literally)?

You’re in the local shopping centre rushing to get a few items for dinner tonight…

You find a rock star car park not too far from the shopping centre entrance and grab your shopping bags. After having completed your mini shopping trip, you are heading back to your car eager to get home to feed hungry kids, spouses or just yourself, when you see that renegade shopping trolley that has no driver, heading directly for your car!

You run but not fast enough and sure enough, you now have a shopping trolley car dent on your front guard! You want to kick the tyres, but you don't want to dent your new shoes as well! Maybe it will match those two dents already on the other side of your car. Or maybe it has just ruined the rear quarter panel of your well loved vehicle.

Well… it’s time to call us. Shopping trolley car dents are more common than not. Paintless Dent Repair is the best way to fix these kinds of dents.

Paintless Dent Repair is the Most Effective Method to Fix Shopping Trolley Car Dents

Taking the car to a panel shop could mean the panel is unnecessarily replaced or re-sprayed, destroying the integrity of the original panel and  paintwork. Paintless Dent Repair is the most effective way to deal with these types of dents.

Paintless Dent Repair works car dents from the inside out. We get to the other side of the dent by removing necessary trim and panels and repairing with unique LED lighting. Using specialised tools, a gentle hand, a precise eye for detail and many years of experience, we gently massage the dent from the inside to outside, until it is no longer there.

We then complete the work on the outside of the dent, tapping, buffing and polishing your panel back to new. The result is generally a panel restored back to as new condition, keeping the integrity of the original paintwork and panels intact.

Pop into our Norwood workshop so we can take a look at your car dent – we may be able to fix it on the spot

With many small dents such as these, we can often get them fixed while you wait. Starting from $100, we can fix some car dents in under an hour, depending on how big the dent is and how many you have. You’d be surprised that fixing car dents does not cost as much as you might think.

Don’t leave that dent another day. You can either:

  1. Pop into our workshop and we will assess whether we can fix it there and then or whether we need to make another appointment, or
  2. Send us a message with pictures attached and we can provide a quote.


Or give us a call on 1800 NO DENT and treat your car to the dent repair specialists in Adelaide.  


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