schedule Sep 3, 2018

The Matte Alfa PDR Challenge

The car they said couldn't be done

Pictured is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta finished in Matte Magnesio Grey, one of a handful available in the state. This little beauty recently became one of the pinnacle dent repair jobs that our company has had the privilege of completing, and against all odds.

Not so much because of the rarity of the vehicle + matte paint combo, but that we were able to complete a full body Paintless Dent Repair to the hail damage it sustained in Adelaide's storm late last year.

You see, matte paint doesn't generate a typical reflection of light that is so vital in the PDR process. We use reflections from specialized LED lights and colours to peer into the centre of dents and creases whilst repairing, but this isn't possible with matte paint. It also cannot be polished in any way, otherwise a gloss/shiny area will result. Often an area of repair may require a polish to remove minute traces of pushing, pulling or tapping so this too poses a significant hinderance in the standard PDR process.

Typically, therefore, these cars aren't touched by PDR companies and instead sent to a crash repairer for a costly full body repair and respray... but I had other ideas.

Developing new, innovative techniques and tool modifications, I was able to completely PDR the Giulietta back to its original condition, maintaining the factory paint without any trace of repair. We even had to purchase special matte paint shampoos and cleaners so that we could present the car back to the owner in tip top shape. Mark was very happy with the result and more than willing to allow photos of his car to document the occasion.

A huge achievement for Dent Revolution and the ever-evolving PDR industry.




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