Maserati GranTurismo Door Ding

On the spot paintless dent repair Adelaide

John scrambled into our workshop after finding one single door ding on his beautiful pearl white Maserati GranTurismo, much to his shock and horror.

The dent was located on the style line of the driver's door; the sort of spot that really stands out and you can't stop looking at. These sort of car park dents are a little harder to repair being on the bodyline but still easy overall when compared to dents found elsewhere on cars.

How do we remove door dents? The window is fully wound down, a specialised guard is then inserted down the window cavity on the outer side of the window pane to protect it from any damage, then tools are inserted down into the cavity to access the rear of the dent to massage it out. These dents are our bread and butter and take a short amount of time to repair to very high standards. In this case John left his Trident with us for a short visit whilst we attended to the repairs, but often our customers opt to wait and watch or go for lunch or a coffee nearby.

We always allow for quick drop-ins where customers need dents or hail damage fixed up or quoted in a hurry. Come see us anytime you need at our RAA Approved Paintless Dent Removal and Hail Repair workshop, 118 Magill Road, Norwood. If you can, please call ahead on 1800663368 or send us some pictures of your damage for a quote.




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